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No matter what stage of life you are in family conflicts can arise. When these complicated matters are happening, having professional attorneys with the knowledge and skill to help you can make a big difference. If you are in the Genesee County area and are in need of legal assistance involving divorce or custody, the experienced attorneys at Tri-County Lawyers are here to help you.

About Melissa DiGiamberdine

A veteran of consumer bankruptcy cases and family law matters, attorney Melissa DiGiamberdine enjoys helping her clients get through difficult times. For individuals and families in the Flint, Michigan area, she is a knowledgeable guide to lead them to a positive future. With a strong motivation to help people facing a crisis, Melissa believes the work she does allows her clients to pursue solutions to their financial and family issues and receive a fresh start in their lives.

Practicing Areas

  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce/Family Law
Awful do not use
  • Dec 27, 2023

After a 16 month custody battle and getting a good ruling Melissa Degamberdine allowed the defendants lawyer to write the final plan incorrectly, screwing me over completely as If the last 16 months were a waste. She didnít bring the order back for me to review and nothing in it was what the judge even ordered Ö. To include allowing a new case to continue in another state, him not having to pay child support, me paying all court fees, and an extra night given to the defendant Ö AGAIN NONE OF THIS WAS ORDERED. Sheís hard to get a hold of, itís as if she didnít even read the final order. Now Iím having to pay a ton of money to hopefully get this stopped from signging during the busy holidays. Do not hire her. Iím insanely sick to my stomach.

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